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Be aware of Blind Spot on Truck (HGV)

Due to their size and design, a truck has significant blind spots that present a danger to vulnerable road users (as such as Pedestrian, Cyclist & Motorcycle). A driver’s field of vision, within a cab, is limited;
The area immediately in front, behind and to the left of the vehicle is often hidden from view and vulnerable roads users are potentially increasing the risk to be struck. In Ireland’s urban areas, from 2007 to May 2015, 54 Vulnerable Road Users (cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists) were killed in collisions involving trucks.
A blind spot is an area around a vehicle not visible to the driver and there are many on a truck which pose added risks for Motorcyclist, Cyclists and Pedestrians. Sadly, this issue has directly led to a number of fatal and serious injury collisions.(If you are using Motorcycle, Bicycle or Pedestrian as a vulnerable road user always make sure than the Driver can see you & that you also can see the Driver. Eyes is the best way that you can see each other). It is also strongly advisable to wear a high visibility vest which will make you more visual to the Driver.
So if you cannot see the driver, the driver cannot see you. Vulnerable road users need to be also aware of the existence of the ‘Danger Zone’ on trucks and should never ride along the kerb side of a truck, especially if the truck is turning left.
Truck drivers also need to be aware of the fact that the mirrors on their cab will not always give them a total view of any cyclists that may be riding alongside or behind the vehicle. So as a truck drivers, always lookout for cyclists at junctions and especially when turning left.
We all have to play more attention to the traffic while travelling on public road. It is the only way to save life.
As a vulnerable roads users make sure that bikes, motorcycle is roadworthy & wear appropriate gear for your own safety.
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