Black iced hazard

As Temperature has drop for the few day, please find out a few safety tips for your Winter Journeys

    • Check Local & National weather forecast before taking off for your journey. If your vehicle wind screen is frosty, use clear Icer. Do not hot water on wind screen as it can crack.
    • Use your dipped head lights to insure that you are been seen by other road user. Insure that head & tail light are in good working order, (replace broken bulb).
    • Watch out for “Black Ice” on Cold Morning, specially roads look polish or Glossy. It is one of the worst winter hazards as it is difficult to see. A harmless puddle can be lethal in certain area:
    • In Sheltered & Shaded Area on the roads, under high trees & adjacent high walls.In Icy conditions, manoeuvre gently, slow down & leave extra distance with the vehicle in front of you, (follow the 8 seconds in icy road) Avoid harsh steering, accelaration & braking. Use the higher gear as possible to avoid spinning. Select low gear while travelling downhill especially in a bend
    • Check tyres including spear wheel. Replace them if tread is less than 1,6 millimetres ,(however the RSA would recommend 3 millimetres in winter conditions). Make sure that they are inflated to the correct pressure weekly. Drive slowly on tread roads lack of grip can occur, if so drive slowly in higher gear possible. Manoeuvre gently & avoid hash break
    • Watch out for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists & motorcycles, allow extra space,( specially in strong winds)
    • In patches of fog, turn on fog light if fitted in your own vehicle & switch them off when the foggy condition improved. When entering fog, check your mirror frequently & slow down to a speed that you can react in good time. Use foot break lightly to warn driver behind you.Do not drive on the tail or do not follow light of the vehicle in front of you as you will not have enough time to stop your vehicle in good time. It can give you a false sense of security.
    • In heavy fog, turn off your radio & open your window a fraction, which will help you to hear surrounding traffic.

Pedestrians & Cyclists are advised to be seen, (Wear bright clothing with armbands, reflective belt or high visibility jacket). While walking on footpaths and in public place, or exiting & entering your vehicle DO NOT underestimate the danger of ice. Many slips & falls occurred in most places that we think are totally save & secure: (out of front door, door step, foot paths……)

Avoid going out unless it is a necessity.If you are struggling when driving in winter conditions & foggy road, as an ADI I can help you to build up your confidence & help you to stay save on the road, for further help you can contact us on Mob 086 044 0157 or email

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