COVID-19 Phase 3

During the period of COVID-19 restrictions, Castletown School of Motoring (CSM) has closed it business in order to save the public, existing pupils & hopefully new pupils who will choose to learn to drive with CSM by following the official Government and HSE guidelines on hygiene and social distancing. CSM is anxious to resume all of its services at the earliest opportunity, but must be subject to the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society & Business. CSM will ensure that Driving lessons will provide a safe and secure learning environment for pupils who engage with our services. CSM is fully aware that the RSA will reopen on Monday 29th of June 2020 for certain License categories as such as A, C, Ce & D where Safety Guidelines Phase 3 can fully be adhered to.

As an ADI CSM is an independent commercial we chose to remain closed till further guidelines from the Government’s Roadmap to reopen safety, CSM is fully aware that some other Driving School are choosing to reopen, but it is only a matter of choice. CSM has no medical background and for that reason will follow the HSE guidelines as such as 2 Metres Distance, & when not possible, to wear facemasks & not staying longer then 20 minutes etc… Under those conditions it will make impossible to carry out a Driving Lessons Safely. For further information on COVID 19 please use the following link:

Thank you for making the time to read our blog.

Stay safeCastletown School of Motoring