COVID-19 update

Since the 13th of March 2020 Ireland entered the lockdown due to COVI-19 nationwide. Since those dates there is a question who’s coming on regular basis. ” When will Castletown be reopened for Driving Lessons.” 

On my last contact with the RSA in order to get an update with EDT’s Driving Lessons, their answer was that: “All training of EDT’s driving lessons, other Driving Lessons & Pre-Test falls under the HSE and government COVID-19 guide lines and therefore NO Driving lessons should be carried out by anyone in keeping with those current COVID-19 guide lines”. The RSA also confirmed that no company has been given exception to these rules in any way shape or form as to do so would put pupils & their families at risk. Castletown School of Motoring (CSM) will not put money before public health. On my understanding driving school are in category Phase 5, so if all according to plan: 10th of August 2020 (however nothing is for definite as nobody knows what will be the evolution of the Virus COVID-19)? Driving lessons will have to be conducted with a great heath & safety to avoid cross contamination, (which will be up to the RSA requirement). Therefore PPE will be requested to be worn during driving lessons at all time and temperature will be checked in order to ensure safely in the vehicle. Driving lessons will be delivered on one to one pupil basis only. In order to improve driving skills, driving Lessons will be conducted on weekly basis to improve good progress in the process of learning to drive, in cases of cancelations due to COVID-19 symptom, no driving lessons will be resumed within 14 Days. Safety will always come 1st, specially in these current Pandemic times. CSM will reopen only when the HSE, the department of transport and the RSA say that it is safe to do so. A high standard of heath and safety will be put in place for the interests of all current pupils & hopefully future pupils. As citizens of this nation we have an obligation to follow government guides lines, keep one another safe and as you can imagine Social distance will impossible to respect in a vehicle; that is why CSM do not know at the moment, when Driving Lessons will be available & what terms & conditions the Driving Lessons will be conducted under. CSM will keep pupils learning to drive in a safe environment, in the near future: Your health is your wealth. 

Thank you for taking time to read our blog. Stay safe and keep an eye on this Facebook page for updates. 

Best regardsCastletown School of Motoring