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Get Driving Lessons from the Experts - Castletown School of Motoring

Get Driving Lessons from the Experts

We are the experts in driving lessons – we specialize in turning nervous beginner drivers into confident, competant road users who can pass their driving tests with ease. Castletown School of Motorings’ aim is build up your driving skills to become a safe and competent driver, and not to simply pass your test. CSM will cover driving on narrow roads, winding roads, merging roads, diverging roads, driving in wet conditions and driving at night. Practice in these conditions will improve your confidence and driving abilities.

Castletown School of Motoring will also teach you maneuvers which are not required for the test, but which will help you with your driving on a day to day basis.

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Lesson times can be arranged to suit your schedule, and start and finish points for the lesson are also flexible. Many of my pupils ask to be collected at home, but dropped off at work or college. In this way you can ‘fit in’ a driving lesson into your working day.

The driving lesson can be taken in one or two hour blocks.

CSM will teach you all the basic driving skills needed to pass your test, and also give you the opportunity to practice your driving skills on the actual test routes.

For complete beginners, CSM covers basic driving skills, leading to the more advanced maneuvers required for the test.

For more advanced drivers, CSM will help you correct bad habits, and take you step by step through all the elements of the driving test.