The Driving Pre-Test AssessmentBook your Driving Pre-Test today - Call (01) 627 5995.

The pre-test assessment gives you the opportunity to ‘try out’ the driving test, but with your driving instructor as the assessor.

By ‘practicing’ the test in this way, you will become more familiar with the routine involved, and gain in confidence.

During a pre-test, CSM will also point out any mistakes you are making as you make them. The most common mistakes are lack of observation, coasting, position on road and roundabout. CSM will help you to correct these mistakes using new techniques so you can get the maximum benefit from the session. We will also practice your maneuvers such as reversing around a corner etc., which pupils find the most difficult.

The pre-test assessment takes place on the test route itself and on the surrounding area.

Some pupils find it helpful to take a last pre-test the hour before their actual driving test time, in order to get ‘in the zone’!

How To Get Your Car Ready For The Test

  • L plate front and back
  • Ensure windows are clean
  • No light on your dash board
  • Insurance, Road Tax up to date
  • NCT cert if car is more than 4 years old
  • No smell of tobacco or smoke in the car
  • Tyre depth 1.6mm
  • brake light & indicator must be working