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Driving tips in severe & gusting winds.

If you have to travel during severe & gusting winds, as roads users you will need to take extra care, as forecast conditions can be challenging while driving.

  • Beware of objects blown out onto the road. Always expect the unexpected. Watch out for falling /fallen debris on the roads. Other vehicles may veer in front of you as well.
  • The control of your vehicle may be affected by strong cross winds. Hold on to the steering wheel firmly with 2 hands.
  • Always allow extra space between you & others roads users; especially vulnerable roads users as Cyclists, Motorcyclists & Pedestrians.
  • Drive with dipped headlights at all times (Day or Night).
  • Switch on the radio to check weather broadcasts while driving.

For vulnerable road users – Motorcyclists & Cyclists- here is some advice that will help you:

  • Be seen, wear bright clothing with armbands, reflective belt or High vis jacket.
  • Take extra care when crossing public roads.
  • Motorcyclists & Cyclists in extreme windy conditions: a sudden gust of wind can blow you out of your way & blow you into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

As a pedestrian you must be aware of the danger:

  • Always make sure that you have been seen by other roads users, (Wear bright clothing with armbands, reflective belt or High vis jacket).
  • While walking in built-up area: walk on the footpath, NOT on the street.
  • If you are walking in a rural area without footpaths: Keep walking on the right hand side of the road, facing traffic. Stop if it is safe to do so & climb on the kerb for safety.

If you can avoid a taking long & tiring journey in bad road conditions, you should do so, or else if you must travel keep yourself up to date with the weather forecast by visiting Met Eireann’s website . Also for further information you can contact the Communications Department in the Road Safety Authority on : 096 25008 or

If you are struggling when driving with strong windy conditions, as an ADI I can help you to build up your confidence & help you to stay safe on the road, for further help you can contact us on Mob 086 044 0157 or email

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