EDT lesson 1

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How should you prepare for your lesson 1 (1st EDT)
To get the most of this lesson, you should familiarise yourself with:
– The rules of the road
– The vehicle that you will be taking the lesson in.
– The information on your safety check(the RSA recommend 3 lessons with an Approved Driver Instructor, ADI, sponsor or both)
An ADI will introduce you to the primary vehicle controls as such as:
Steering wheel, brakes, clutch (where fitted), gears & hand break. You should also to have knowledge of the secondary control as such as: Indicator, windscreen wipers & washer, front & rear demister, horn, lights reflector, hazard light, parking light, deem head light, full head light & fog light. You should also insure than your car is roadworthy (insurance, road tax, NCT if applicable & technical part of vehicle)
At the end of your 1st EDT you should be familiar with primary & second above.
The RSA recommend to practice 3 hours before your next EDT (lesson 2) with an ADI or your sponsor.
If you need more help on EDT you can email me for further details on francis@castletownsom.com.
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