EDT Lesson 2

When you will start your lesson 2 (2nd EDT) with your Approved Driver Instructor (ADI), you should already have achieved lesson 1 (1st EDT).
Your next objective for 2nd EDT, you should be able to position the car correctly on the road for the actions you are about to take:
– Driving on the straight;
– Cornering;
– Negotiating bends & junctions;
– Changing lanes;
– Entering & exiting from slip road;
– Entering & exiting junctions & roundabouts;
– And correct positioning within traffic lane.
When you are successful with the lesson 2 you should have learned to:
1) Keep a safe position on the road;
2) Always keep a safe distance from other vehicle;
3) And Show appropriate & safe use of available on the public road.
If you are struggling with lesson 2 (EDT), maybe more practice with an ADI, your sponsor, or both would be advisable as lesson 2 is very challenging (the RSA are recommending 3 hours tuition between each EDT).
If you need more help on EDT you can email me for further details on francis@castletownsom.com.
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