With effect from April 2011, all new learner drivers must complete Essential Driver Training (EDT) with an approved driving instructor. All new learner drivers must complete 12  lessons before applying for their test. It is also a requirement that you complete a log book which must be signed off after each lesson by an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

You can read summaries of each EDT lesson by clicking below:

Lesson 1: Car Controls & Safety Check

Lesson 2: Correct Position 1

Lesson 3: Changing Direction

Lesson 4: Progression Management

Lesson 5: Correct Position (in more Complex Situations)

Lesson 6: Anticipation & Reaction

Lesson 7: Sharing The Road

Lesson 8: Driving Safely Through Traffic

Lesson 9: Changing Direction (in more Complex Situations)

Lesson 10: Speed Management

Lesson 11: Driving Calmly

Lesson 12: Night Driving