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Essential Driver Training

Welcome to Castletown School of Motoring.
As an ADI I forward information about the 12 hours Essential Driver Training (EDT).
They were introduced on the 04 April 2011.They are compulsory & will help you to prepare for the driving test ,cover of the most important skills & behaviours on public road, build your confidence & help to become a safe driver.
The 12 EDTs topics from 1st EDT to the 8th EDT must be taking in this order, EDT from 9th to 12th can be taken in any order.
Lesson 1:Car controls & safety checks,
lesson 2:Correct position,
lesson 3:Changing direction,
lesson 4:Progession management,
lesson 5:Correct Position 2 (more complex situations),
lesson 6:Anticipation & reaction,
lesson 7:Sharing the road,
Lesson 8:Driving Safely through Traffic,
lesson 9:Changing Direction 2(more complex situations),
lesson 10:Speed management,
lesson 11:Driving Calmly,
lesson 12:Night driving.
When you accomplish the 12 EDTs lessons check than they have been logged into the RSA portal, if not, that will delay the date of your driving test.
How ever, some pupils do not achieve the skill than would be required after the 12 EDTs, as an ADI instructor, I would strongly advise to take more additional lesson until you reach standard required by the RSA.
Bear in mind that driving lessons will always work out cheaper than been involved in an accident.
Thank you for your attention, safe driving
Castletown School of Motoring