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Faster Learning Program

Learning to drive can be a challenging, difficult & stressful experience. If you are nervous, then Castletown School of Motoring will provide a fast learner course to suit your need.

Most pupils find that taking the 12 EDT lessons once every 2 weeks does not work out!!!…. Maybe you do not have a car to practice or it is not safe to do so. However most of our Pupils request a fast learner program with 4 to 6 hours EDTs lesson per week.

Every pupil learns at a different pace, Castletown School of Motoring will not put you under pressure during the course and we guarantee to stamp your log book & log your EDTs lesson into the RSA portal as you go.

This fast learner program will give a very good chance with practice on your own car & a few pre-tests to pass your driving test 1st Time. Over all you will need 100 driving hours to be success full for the driving test 1st time.

If you are still struggling after the EDT hours, then maybe more driving lessons is required. Remember prevention is better and indeed cheaper than cure, 10 hours of extra driving lessons will work out cheaper than crashing your own vehicle.

The perfect driver does not exist…. So whatever level of driving you achieve after your 12 EDTs lessons, always aim a higher level.

If you need some EDTs lessons or some help after you have done your 12 EDTs, or pre-test you can email me for further details on:

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