Castletown School of Motoring News Guidelines on Placement of Election Posters

Guidelines on Placement of Election Posters

As the General Elections are starting, Candidates, Political Parties & their supporters, be aware of the danger while positioning your campaign posters.

When hanging campaign poster, make sure that they are not obstructing road signs – especially signs from the rules of the road for the safety of the roads users. The posters must not be placed in Known Collision prone zones. It is a matter of distractions to drivers and can end with dreadful consequences. A list of those areas can be found on .As a campaign worker you may be at risk while setting posters up as well. The signage on our roads, whether put there by the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (the NRA), Local Authorities & the Garda are there to ensure the safety of the roads users, so do not obstruct any Roads Sign as consequences can be vital. It is a serious offence to obstruct Roads Signs or Traffic lights (Road Traffic Act 1962, Section 95, Subsection 14)

  • A person shall not provide any such sign, device, notice or Light as is not traffic sign, on provision thereof, it is visible from a public road and.
  • It is capable of being confused with traffic sign.
  • It makes traffic sign proved in accordance with the section less visible to roads users, or
  • It obstructs the view of publics roads users so as to render roads dangerous to them


It is a matter of safety for all. Thank for reading our blog.


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