Castletown School of Motoring News How the driving test will be conducted.

How the driving test will be conducted.

When going for your Driving Test, you must be at the test centre 15 minutes early to ensure to sit it. If you are not there when the tester will call you, your driving test will be cancelled & considered as a fail.
After the tester calls you, you will be invited to the office to sign a form to ensure that your vehicle is road worthy & fully insured. You will be asked to answer 8 Road Signs & 8 Questions on the Rules of the Road. Then you will walk with the tester to your vehicle, the Tester will ensure that your Vehicle is Fully insured, that your Road tax is up to date, L plates front & rear must be displayed & if your car is over 4 years old that the NCT must also be up to date. The Tester will ask you then to open the bonnet of your Vehicle & ask you the technical questions as such as (Q): Where is your Oil filter cap, engine coolant, dip stick, brake fluid, windscreen washer & power steering. Then you will need to answer some practical questions as such as:
Q) How to check your oil?
A) Pull dip stick Wipe it, put it back pull it again & insured that oil level is between minimum & maximum?
Q) How frequently do you do it?
A) Once a week.
Q) How dignoze that your power steering is broken?
A) Steering will get stiff.
Q) How to check your engine coolant & brake fluid?
A) Read on reservoir, between minimum & maximum. If level are low, go to the closer mechanic.
Q) What pressure should you have on your tyres?
A) Check car manual, but it usually between 30 PSI & 35 PSI.
Q) How frequently do you check tyre pressure?
A) Once a week.
Q) What is the minimum tread on tyres?
A) 1.6 millimetre
When you will answer all questions, then the Tester will ensure that Brake light & indicator front & rear are working, if one the bulb is broken, be prepared to replace it, or else that will result as a fail as your vehicle is not road worthy.
Then you will be asked to demonstrate the cockpit secondary control as such as: Van, Hot & Cool air, Rear demister, Air condition (if fitted), Hazzard light, Deam head light, Fogg light, Full head light, Front & (Back) wiper (if fitted), Wind screen washer.
You must also make sure that there is not a light on dash board when the engine is running or else that will result as a fail as your vehicle is not road worthy for your driving test.
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