Castletown School of Motoring News Learner drivers could be forced to take driving lessons to renew permits

Learner drivers could be forced to take driving lessons to renew permits

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) announced on Thursday 9th of July 2020, that anyone who has renewed their Learner Permit over 4 times or more should be compelled to take Diving Lessons. The RSA & the Department of Transport are addressing anomalies in the provisional licence system, recommending that there will be a number of measures in order to take mandatory driving lessons. The RSA are planning that Learners Drivers who are renewing for their 5th Learner Permit will have to take mandatory Driving Lessons.

The RSA has recommended that the cost of renewing a Learner Permit, which is currently a cost of €35 will increase considerably. A Learner Permit is valid for 2 years or 1 year if you have not sat your driving test. The length of Learner Permit will be reduced to 6 months for those Learner Permit holders who are holding the 5th learner permit or more.

The submission was made before it was revealed that the Minister for Agriculture Barry Cowen had been driving for years on a Learner Permit, and only received  a full licence some time after failing a drink-driving test. The RSA mentioned since the Clancy Amendment (Gardai are allowed to impound the vehicle of the Learner Permit Holder when driving unaccompanied) there has been an increase of 25% for Learner Permit Holder to apply for Driving Tests. There have been 3 000 vehicles impounded in the first 5 months of the year despite the country being in lock down for much of that period. Eamon Ryan Minister of Transport, the Department of Transport and the RSA are looking at a proposal in order to decrease the time of renewal permits and to increase the cost of endlessly renewing Learner Permit.

If you have failed your Driving test over 4 times or more and that you are anxious to sit and pass your driving test once and for all, maybe you need to practice with an ADI to build up your confidence to make your next attempt to resume with final pass and obtain a Full Licence Irsih Licence. If you need Pre-test Driving Lessons you can contact Castletown School of Motoring on 086 044 0157 or

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