After taking your Theory Driving Test, you will need to apply for your Learner Permit with the NDLS (National Driver Licence Service) to hold your learner permit. As an ADI (Approved Driver Instructor) I have been asked on several occasion from pupils to start the 12 EDTs program with the receipt from the NDLS.
It is against the law to start the 12 EDTs program or taking regular driving lessons without the Learner permit, the receipt of the NDLS is not a valid learner permit. Everyone that has a receipt for an application to obtain a Learner Permit does not guarantee that the Learner Permit or Driving Licence will be issued for legal reasons. So If you just pass your Theory Driving Test, I am fully aware than you will be anxious to start driving, but as a Driver Patient is always required, so hold on until you have the Learner Permit in your hand to start to take on some EDTs Program or Driving lessons. You must also insure than you are also holding your Learner Permit every time than you are driving with your sponsor (L plate front & rear of the vehicle is also required) or taking Driving Lesson: It is the law & you will not be cover by your insurance in case of an accident.
Thank you to make the time to read our blog.If you need more information on the Learner Permit, do not hesitate to contact me on: francis@castletownsom.com or Mob: 086 044 0157
Thank you to take the time to read our blog.
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