logocastleOver 50,000 students nationwide prepare to receive their Leaving Certificate today. Well done and congratulations to the thousands of students who will be receiving their Leaving Cert results, it really is a huge moment in your life and marks a new and exciting chapter.
However use public transport where available and make arrangements in advance for getting home safely.
If you choose to drive, remember if you hold a Learner Permit that you must be accompanied by a driver who has held their full licence (must be the same full licence category than you are holding) for more than two years (your sponsor must not be intoxicated with drugs or alcohol).You must display ‘L’ plates, front and rear. Make the right choices and never drive under the influence of drink or drugs and don’t take risks on the road.
If you are planning on getting a lift from a friend make sure you can trust their driving. Have they taken drink or drugs? It is one thing putting your life in the hands of someone else who takes unnecessary risks on the road, are you knowingly allowing someone else take an unnecessary and highly dangerous risk?. If in doubt arrange different transport. Taxi would be a good idea, it may cost you, but at least you will be safe home. As you will have fun tonight and to enjoy the celebrations. You have your whole life ahead of you, so make the right choice and take responsibility about how you use the roads tonight.
A study from the RSA show than at this date this year, 14th August 2013, 10 young adults aged between 16 and 20 have died on Irish roads, representing 8.2% in 121 fatalities to date this year. 70% of those killed were drivers.
It is also a proud moment for parents around the country as your sons and daughters celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. However as parents please speak to your young adults about responsible road use. Unfortunately, the level of drinking on a night like this won’t be innocent and harmless; that’s the reality we face in this day and age. Make sure you know who they’re going out with, where they’re going and how they intend to get home. Ask your son or daughter to avoid driving late at night as this is a high risk period for crashes, particularly among young people.
Road safety tips advice for parents and their young adults:
• For any young adults choosing to drive tomorrow night you are automatically choosing not to drink in reality; any amount of alcohol or drugs impair your driving: do not take a chance to be in a serious collision;
• Don’t carry more people in your car than is safe or legal. Consider limiting it to two or three passengers and ask them to avoid distracting you while you are driving;
• Always obey the speed limits and never drive faster than your experience or the roads allow;
• While it is reassuring for young adults to carry a mobile phone, never talk on your phone or text while driving. It is an offence of the road (point on your licence & fine).
• Remember, everyone in the car should wear their seatbelt, including your backseat buddies!

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Safe journey home
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