Castletown School of Motoring News Lesson EDT 3 (Changing Direction 1)

Lesson EDT 3 (Changing Direction 1)

When you will start your lesson 3 (3rd ESDT), with your Approved Driver Instructor (ADI), you should already have achieved lesson 1st, 2nd EDTs

Your next objective for the 3RD EDT, you should drive in light traffic situations to cover MSMM (Mirror, Signal, Mirror, Manoeuvre ) routine.

You also should be able to cover basic techniques when.

  1. Moving off; GOSH (Gear, Observation, Signal, Hand brake)
  2. Use mirrors appropriately when;
  3. Turning at junctions left & right;
  4. Negotiating junctions left & right;
  5. Turning at roundabout
  6. And negotiating roundabout;

When you are successful with the lesson 3 you should have learned to:

  • Use mirrors in good time:
  • moving off(blind spot),
  • turning right & left,
  • at junctions,
  • negotiating a roundabout.

If you are struggling with lesson 3 (EDT), maybe more practice with an ADI, your sponsor, or both would be advisable as lesson 3 is very challenging (the RSA are recommending 3 hours tuition between each EDT).

If you need more help on EDT you can email me for further details on

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