Castletown School of Motoring News Minister Pascal Donohoe publishes new guidelines to manage speed in certain areas.

Minister Pascal Donohoe publishes new guidelines to manage speed in certain areas.

Minister of Transport Paschal Donohoe, published on the Thursday 19 march 2015 a new document entitled ‘Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits’:
New Signage being introduced for Minor local roads in rural areas & for new urban “Slow Zones” for residence areas to reduce the speed to 30km/h. Signage speed limit will be introduced on primarily road within the rural area, and in urban areas. It will be based on movement functions… (Arterial road, link road, local road) and will be placed in context for different areas as such as (commercial centres, suburban housing areas, out of town industrial areas.)
– New rural speed limit sign, the generic sign is the “white circle with black diagonal stripes” which is used internationally. It will apply on narrow country roads instead of the numerical 80km/h sign. This sign means that drivers must use their own judgement.
– Local Authorities & National Road Authorities (NRA) should commence an update of all speed limits to be completed within 2 years and to be subsequently every 5 years.
– New urban “slow zones (30km/h)” for housing estates. It is envisaged that each zone should be a self-enforcing, reduced-speed area with speed bumps, markings or other traffic calming treatments as required. They should be developed and implemented as a local authority supported Community based approach to reduce the speed limit to 30 km/h and to add safety measures within a select area in order to change driver behaviour.
So, watch out for new road sign & building area! You can find out more information on the guidelines for Managements Speed Limit on the Road Safety Authority’s website.
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