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Mock test with Castletown School of Motoring

Our Mock Test System is a proven method for passing your test first time by allowing you to experience driving test conditions before the actual test. We are happy to meet you from your address and get you ready for the big day! With Castletown School of Motoring help you will be prepared for your driving test & you will be breaking the test down into manageable steps.
When you are going for the Driving Test, you should reached a minimum standard, but we would not recommend to:
1 – Undertake an exam that you have no hope of passing (Fail to prepare is prepare to fail).
2 – As you are driving with the Driver Tester, he will realise very quickly if you are not prepared for the Driving Test. And he will not take kindly to use his time as a trial run or for the experience of failing. It is a total waste of the Time and Money to go for the driving unprepared.
3 – The Driver Tester can abandon the test and will do so if it is obvious that you are not prepared, leave the public & himself at risk. He will view your actions as irresponsible.
At Castletown School of Motoring we are aiming for you to obtain a standard of driving that will maximize your hazard perception, therefore minimising your risk of an accident. With all this in mind, Castletown School of Motoring will give you the unique opportunity to experience a Mock Test. This test is a complete simulation of the Driving Test and is carried out by an expert of similar knowledge to the Tester. With the help of Castletown School of motoring you will have reached the minimum standard to achieve this standard and should be able to pass your driving test 1st time.
This Mock Test procedure is one of the corner stones of our success, and has helped many past pupils to become fully licenced, safer and more confident drivers.
If you have your driving test coming, as an ADI I can help you to build up your confidence to get a pass 1st time. Driving lessons & Mock test with Castletown school of Motoring can assess and identify under developed areas in your driving, this will give you more road experience and confidence to be successful in your driving test. For further help you can contact us on:
086 044 0157 or email us on

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