Castletown School of Motoring News Nearly 5 000 driving test has not been conducted

Nearly 5 000 driving test has not been conducted

A study from the RSA show that 4924 Driver tests were not conducted in the last 9 months 2017 for the following reasons. All Learner Drivers whose tests are not conducted forfeit their application fee as well. The most common reasons that driving tests are not conducted are displayed below.
– 211 Candidates were late
– 1196 Candidates had none or no valid insurance, NCT or Tax disc.
– 161 No L plates
– 625 no Learner Permit or invalid Learner Permit
– 2224 Vehicle not roads worthy.
– 507 others (e.g. vehicle not appropriate or no vehicle, required documents not presented).
If you have a driving test coming soon, read thoroughly the “check List” that you have received from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) with your Driving Test appointment.
As an Approved Driver Instructor ADI registered with the RSA, I will advise you as a learner driver how to prepare for the Driving test as Follows:
When you receive your driving test appointment, you should book some driving tests to insure that:
1) Insurance disc is valid for your driving test. If necessary, make sure you renew your policy in good time for you to receive and display your new insurance disc for the driving test. (emailed/self-printed discs are not acceptable).
2) Road tax Disc must be up to date. If necessary, make sure you renew your tax in good time for you to receive and display your new tax disc for the day of the driving test.
3) NCT disc must be up to date as well for the day of the Driving Test. If necessary, you must book your NCT in time for you to have your vehicle road worthy and display your new NCT disc for the day of your driving test.
4) L plates: Learner drivers are legally required to display L plates on the front & rear of the vehicle while driving at all time, including during the driving test.
5) When going for the Driving Test give yourself plenty time to travel to your test centre appointment, taking into account potential heavy traffic or unexpected delays. This will allow you to reach the test centre in good time and & compose yourself before the driving test begins (You should be at list 15 minutes before your appointment time).
6) If you cannot have your vehicle ready for in time for your Driving Test, at Castletown School of Motoring we also provide a car hire service, as well as pre-tests.
If you have a driving test coming soon, maybe you need to book a pre-test with an ADI instructor to ensure that your vehicle is road worthy, to avoid forfeiting the fee for your driving test. The pre-test driving lessons will give you the confidence to pass your driving test 1st time like most of our pupils.
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