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Pedestrians Safety

As the day are getting brighter, we all try to go for a walk after work or during the day, so as pedestrian we can’t be responsible for the way that some people drive. So we can take a number of steps to ensure our safety as pedestrians:
Find a few tips below to stay safe on the roads:
1) Stop, look and listen.
2) Do not try to cross the road between parked cars.
3) If possible, cross at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights. (Get one foot on the road & wait till roads user are fully stop, some driver may won’t see you & will not be able to stop on time.)
4) Never cross at a bend.
5) If there is a footpath use it or,
6) If there is no footpath, walk/run/jog on the right hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic and keep as close as possible to the side of the road.
7) Walk no more than two abreast and if the road is narrow or there is heavy traffic, walk in single file
Increase your visibility
More than two-thirds of fatal pedestrian collisions happen at night. Although we can hear a car coming and see its lights, the roads user may will not see you in time and certainly will not hear you.
To ensure that road users can see you, make sure you that:
– Always wear a pair of reflective armbands, high-visibility belt or other reflective or fluorescent clothing which will help to be seen by road users from a distance.
– Carry a torch from dusk to dawn on country roads
Facts, after few drinks
As sometimes we enjoy a few drink & become drunken pedestrians, our actions can be a source of danger to ourselves or other road users. If you have had one too many, don’t attempt to walk – hail a taxi, use public transport or get a lift from a (non-drinking) friend.
Pubs and clubs also have a responsibility to prevent intoxicated customers walking out on public roads where they could be hit by passing roads users, or cause a crash through their own behaviour. To prevent a possible tragic accident, bar staff or anyone serving alcohol should decide if the person is fit to walk. If not, they should arrange to get them home safely.
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