When going for your Driving Test, progress can be nerve wrecking & a huge challenge that may make you fail your driving test. As an Approved Driver Instructor (ADI) please follow these tips.

1)When driving on the main road keep your speed up to 1 or 2 kilometres per hour above the speed required.

2) At junctions make sure to go to routine Mirror Signal Mirror Manoeuvre. Give proper observation & move in good time. If in doubt, Do not proceed (Listen to your instincts, the 1st one is usually the right thing to do)

3)When turning right in a busy junction, that can challenging. So as the last vehicle is approaching engage your Clutch the same way that you are doing your Hill start. It will make the vehicle move on quicker & change in second gear in good time.

4)On the approach to traffic lights, be aware – if a long time on the green Possible Change, so ease off your accelerator on your approach. If Light is turning Ambre & you are committed to it, proceed ( Do not slam on the Brakes it may result a collision with other road user & get whiplash).

5)When turning right at a traffic light, always watch out for the light. If there is a straight Green arrow, stay behind road marking. If there is a green arrow (Filter Light) proceed if it safe to do though. If it is a full green light, the 1st vehicle must engage in the Filter Box or (where it should be). If the light is turning Ambre & you cannot proceed due to oncoming traffic, & eventually traffic light is turning Red you still have to proceed regarding it is safe to do though.

9)When at a red Traffic Light & you need to turn left, be aware of the Filter Light (Green Filter Light), if there is Filter Light. It is not always the case.

In order to keep good progress, stay confident & watch out for other Roads users. If you are struggling with Progress, maybe you need to practice with an ADI to build up your confidence to become a safer driver in order to pass your Driving Test.

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