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Public Services Card

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From Monday 9th of April 2018, the PSC (Public Services Card) is the Government’s standard identity verification scheme, which is to be used for access to all public services. Your identity is fully authenticated when it is issued so you do not have to give the same information to multiple organisations. The PSC was first introduced in 2011 and was initially rolled out to people getting social welfare payments. It is now being rolled out to other public services including the NDLS (National Driver Licence Service), the PSC will become the only form of identify accepted at the NDLS when applying or renewing for a driving licence or learner permit. It will be used to verify a customer’s Name, PPS Number, address & to identify each driver.
The PSC verification process will greatly enhance the security of the application process for driving licences & learner permits. The application process will be less susceptible to fraud, and consequently will help keep driver who are driving illegally of our roads.
The PSC should bring many benefits & simplify the process of applying for a driving licence or learner permit. Previously, customers had to produce a number of documents to verify their name, PPS number, address and identity.
From the end of April 2018, an online service for NDLS customers will be introduced. This will be available initially for anyone looking to renew a driving licence or learner permit and will be rolled out to more customers later in 2018. To use this online service you must have a Public Services. Card & set up a verified account on If you wish to receive further information on the changes to the NDLS.
If you wish to receive further information on the changes to the NDLS applications process & how this will be benefit drivers, please visit
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