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Introduction of the N plate

Novice_plateAs you may already know, the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport announced changes to the driver licensing System that apply to newly qualified Novice drivers & first time learner permit holder.
Those changes are important road safety, will protect Learner & Novice Drivers. Those changes are as follows:

– From the 1st of August 2014, N plates are legal requirement for any driver who gets their first full driving licence in any Category on or after that date.

-Any Driver who receives theirs first ever learner permit on or the 1st of August will be subject to a lower penalty point threshold, a total of 7 penalty points rather than 12 points.

– From that date N plates are required to be display front & rear of the vehicle.

– Non-display of N plate is an offence of the road. It is punishable offence by a fine of € 1,000 & will carry 2 penalty points for.

Study from the RSA show than Novice Drivers are most likely to be killed on Irish roads on the first 2 years after passing theirs test due to a lack of experience.To facilitate the smooth introduction of this new requirement the RSA will be providing ‘N’ plates to successful driving test candidates who are required to display them, the RSA will continue to provide them to successful test candidates who need them for approx. 6 months.
The new ‘N’ plates are also available from usual retailer who traditionally stock ‘L’ plates.

For further information on driver licensing and learner drivers you can visit

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