Castletown School of Motoring News Reduced Essential Driver Training, (EDT).

Reduced Essential Driver Training, (EDT).

From Monday 21st of January 2019 the Road Safety Authority (RSA) will introduce a reduced EDT programme for drivers who currently hold a full car licence (category B) but come from a country that does not have a licence exchange agreement with Ireland.
When you get your first Irish learner permit, in order to sit your driving test you must complete 12 EDT’s driving lessons.
The reduced EDT programme is 6 EDT’s driving lessons. The 6 EDT’s will teach you some of the most vital driving skills in Ireland to help you to continue driving safely, & to improve your knowledge on the public road.
– Who can apply?
Holders of a current full foreign driving licence from another country with which Ireland does not have a licence exchange agreement, conditions for applying:
1) You must hold a full foreign driving licence.
2) You must have held a licence for at least two years.
3) Your licence must not have expired more than six months on the date of receipt of application form.
4) You must be resident in Ireland.
5) You must hold an Irish learner permit.
– How do you apply?
1. Complete the application form titled: ‘Foreign Licence Holders Application for Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) and/or Exemption from Six Months Wait Time for Driving Test’. To find an application form visit our website:
2. Enclose your original full foreign driving licence.
3. Enclose a Letter of Entitlement. This is a document that you must get from the licensing body who issued your foreign licence.
4. Post these to: Reduced EDT, National Driver Licence Service, PO Box 858, Southside Delivery Office, Cork.
0From 21 January 2019 application forms will be available on and Please follow the application instructions on the websites.
If you need to book your 6 EDT’s Driving Lessons you can email me for further details on
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