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Reversing in the corner

When you will take your practical driving test, the Driver Tester will ask you to demonstrate a reverse on the Left Corner. Most pupils are dreading this manoeuvre for the Test.
You will required to have a good:
– Observation: (make good use of your mirrors, keep looking in the back window over your left shoulder, check your blind spot regularly).
– Yield way to other roads users: (if there is a vehicle coming on either direction, Stop as you create an obstruction on other road users).
– Position: keep reasonably close from the kerbs: (14 inches or 45 centimetres, which would be half length of your vehicle door). And stop when you are instructed to.
– When the manoeuvre will be fully accomplished then you will be requested to demonstrate Hands Sign.
To prepare for this manoeuvre, practice and supervision with an Approved Driver Instructor (ADI), would be highly recommended to avoid stress & failure for your driving test.
If you are struggling with Reverse on the Left Corner & you have your Driving test coming, y#
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