Castletown School of Motoring News Rise of childrens casualties on Irsih road

Rise of childrens casualties on Irsih road

Children safety pictureAn alarming report from the RSA from the 31 July 2014 shows than they are been 104 collisions, which have resulted in 113 fatalities on Irish roads.
This is 2 more collisions & 5 more deaths compared to last year figure (31 July 2103)

13 children under the age of 16 have died in the first seven months of the year. 7 were pedestrians and 6 were car passengers.
There is a rise of 7 children who have lost their lives in the whole of last year. The number of child casualties & deaths this year is already higher than the same period last year (31 July 2013).
Drivers need to look out for children who might be playing, walking or cycling on or near the road. Remember, children are our most vulnerable road-users because of their age and the fact that they are not able to recognise danger like adults.
As a driver make sure you pay extra attention when children are nearby, especially in housing estates, and slow down to cope with the unexpected.
There is also an increase in injuries for other vulnerable road users. Mistakes can cost lives, take extra care when using the roads:
• As a driver reduce speed, always wear a safety belt, watch out for other road users (as a driver you are also responsible than children under 17 years old were theirs seat belt as well).
• Passengers always wear your safety belt and never distract the driver.
• Pedestrians make yourself visible (bright clothing, high visibility jacket) and always take care crossing the road.
• Pedal Cyclists, Be seen, obey rules of the road, (make sure than your bicycle is road worthy, & wear safety gear).
• Motorcyclists be seen, wear appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment), and ride with restraint.
• Parents/guardians make sure your children are playing in a safe place.

Children are our future we must look after them on the road.

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