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Roads-Users Remember the Dangers of Driving the (Morning After)!!!…

We are celebrating the Saint Patrick’s Festival, so as roads users it is our responsibility to act safely on the public roads, especially after a great night out. We must not under estimate the danger of driving the morning after a night of drinking where our driving could possibly be impaired with alcohol. In the last 5 years period 2011-2015, 15 people lost their lives and a further 34 people were seriously injured in a road collisions between the 16th-18th March. Saint Patrick festival is a traditional time to enjoy a break from work, school or college & enjoy ourselves. Let’s keep it that way, enjoy the celebrations without any dramatic accident on the public roads. Behind the RSA numbers statistics, there is always somebodies loved one. We must act responsibly, enjoy our few drinks, maybe more for some & make sure that we stay sensible by coming back home either way with public transport, taxi or hackney. The following morning it is also important that we do not under estimate the amount of drink that you had on the night before, it takes roughly about 1 hour for our body to clear one unit of Alcohol. It is a ½ glass of beer, a regular glass of wine or 1 unit of spirit. As a result our Driving Licence could be lost, or far worse consequences that you will have to live with.

Garda Síochána will be patrolling the road network throughout the country over the Saint Patrick festivities with marked & unmarked vehicles, & can breath-test anyone at any time. So stay sensible & make the right choice, Never, Ever Drink & Drive, it’s just not worth the risk. So let’s not take any chances to be over the limit. Garda Press Office: 01 6662071 or email

As pedestrians there is also a danger after consuming alcohol. It’s hard to believe but two thirds of pedestrians killed on our roads have consumed alcohol. Alcohol makes you unsteady on your feet and less capable of crossing the road safely or staying upright. It also impairs your judgement, making you more likely to step out in front of oncoming traffic because your ability to judge safety and distance is significantly impaired. The safest thing to do if you’re heading out for the night is to plan your journey home by organising a lift, a taxi or using public transport. It is also crucial to look out for each other: if your friend or relative is under the influence of alcohol, make sure they get home safely.

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Enjoy the Saint Patrick Festivities & safe journey home

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