By law, a driver must enter a roundabout by turning to the left. Treat it as a junctions & give the right-of-way to traffic already on it.
Approaching roundabout
1) Decide as early as possible witch exit you need to take.
2) Take note of & act on all the information available to you from traffic signs, traffic lights & road markings that direct you into the correct lane.
3) Remember the routine Mirror, Signal, Mirror, then Position, Speed, Gear & Look, assess & Decide.
4) Get into the correct lane when it is safe to do so. Try to imagine a clock =, 6 to 12 o’clock left lane, 12 to 6 o’clock right inside lane: Unless Road marking tell other way.
5) Be aware of the speed & position of all traffic around you & adjust your speed to fit in with traffic conditions.
When you reach the roundabout.
– Give way to Traffic approaching from your right, unless signs, road marking or traffic lights tell you otherwise.
– Where traffic lights control the roundabout, you must obey them.
– You must obey any road markings on the lanes.
– Pay attention to vehicles already on the roundabout, watch out for theirs signals & judge where they plan to exit.
– Watch out for others users of the road & beware of vulnerable road user as such as cyclists & motorcyclists
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