Castletown School of Motoring News,Safety Safety is the priority: Be a safe driver and know the risks

Safety is the priority: Be a safe driver and know the risks

Safety behind the wheel is about a lot more than just being proficient at the basic mechanics of driving your vehicle – it means being fully aware of yourself, your vehicle and your surroundings. If you are alert to your own behaviour you will be a much better and safer driver, which is great news for everyone!

Never forget: Speed kills!

Most young (and some not so young!) drivers are quite excited about learning to drive and can’t wait to get going. This enthusiasm is understandable and natural – after all driving is often a pleasure and many people find it a lot of fun. Combine this with the fact that the world is full of pressures and stresses – how often do you have to get to a meeting, or need to get to work, or want to avoid being late somewhere? – and it’s not surprising that many people are seduced by the urge to driver faster than they should. Safety is all too often pushed to the back of the mind.

Safety is no joke: The risks are real

Safety is always the number one priority when driving!However, it’s simply not worth it! Speed is the number one factor in road deaths. People drive too quickly and cannot react or avoid collisions. The Road Safety Authority has some sobering statistics on this road safety and we would suggest you have a look. Our guess is that you will drive more safely afterwards.

Proper training

When starting to drive it is essential that you get the proper training. That means both the mechanical aspects of moving the car about as well as the behavioural aspects of safe driving: your road awareness, analysing your speed and driving attitudes, and much more besides. Here at Castletown School of Motoring we will teach you everything you need to become a safe, competent and confident driver – a real asset to everyone on the road!

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