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“I really recommend Francis he is very patient, he covered all aspects in driving test thanks to him I passed my test and I am most grateful.”

Nyadak Deng –¬†March 2016

“Brilliant instructor. Was really strict which is what i needed to pass my test. When first learning was very patient also which really helped. Very fair prices. Would highly recommend.”

Bryan Flynn –¬†February 2016

“I will highly recommend Francis to everyone who is planning to take their driving test! He is a real professional in his area, will give you required support and training, plenty of patience and great personality. I’ve passed on 96% from the first time …. Very happy! ūüôā Good value for money with the excellent outcome. Thank you very much.”

Andrej, Celbridge –¬†February 2016

“I have recently passed my driving test after taking several lessons with Francis from Castletown SOM. I will highly recomend Francis to anyone who is planning to take driving test in the future.. Francis is really good instructor with huge etention to detail, lovely personality who will do everything for you to pass.Thank you very much.”

Tanya, Celbridge –¬†February 2016

“I would like to thank Francis for all his professional help, his great patience during the lessons, for his professionalism. I will recommend Francis as a professional instructor to all my friends and everybody that i know.”

Anastasiya –¬†January 2016

“Extremely good instructor, friendly ,direct and patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone learning or going for their full test.”

Tadgh –¬†January 2016

“After being let down big time with previous instructors and doing many extra lessons to try and make up for it, one hour with Francis before my test this morning was the key to me passing first time!! Very patient and excellent at explaining all the essential things needed for passing your driving test.”

Aoife –¬†January 2016

“Francis is a great instructor and helped me so much to pass my test, with him I passed first time because he teaches you everything in depth, slowly and clearly. I would highly recommend him to all people going for their full driving licence for the EDTs and for extra driving lessons aswell if needed. ”

Tadas –¬†December 2015

“Passed my driving test in Tallaght after doing two and half hours of pre-test lessons with Francis and cannot recommend him highly enough as an instructor. He has a real gift for breaking the test down into manageable steps. You are genuinely a better, more confident, and safer driver following lessons with Francis. Nobody will be better able to prepare you to pass your test.”

Maedhbh –¬†December 2015

“Castletown School of motoring helped me to pass my driving test. My instructor, Francis, gave clear instructions that gave me the confidence to perform well on the day. Recommended.”

Shane –¬†November 2015

“I have passed my driving test first time, after a few lessons thanks to Francis my driving instructor. He is patient, firm but fair and he put me at complete ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone A ++++”

Marion –¬†January 2015

Francis, I’ve been trying to learn to drive for almost 8 years now. After going through several schools and instructors I’d pretty much given up. I decided to give CSM a go after reading several positive reviews on their site. I can say now that those reviews are well deserved. Francis has a very calm and patient manner. He’s very encouraging and helped me get over my nerves and start to feel comfortable driving. Whereas many instructors I’ve dealt with in the past were often vague or contradictory in their instructions, Francis has a great understanding of how a car drives and is able to pass that knowledge onto others with clear and concise instructions. Thanks to Francis’ tuition I accomplished what I thought was impossible and passed my driving test. I would highly recommend Francis and the Castletown School of Motoring for any student driver, both beginners or experienced drivers

Richard, Leixlip¬†–¬†13 May 2013

There are not enough words to describe how brilliant Francis was when I took my driving lessons with him. I had some previous driving lesson experience over the years but as soon as I started taking lessons with Francis in December 2011, I automatically felt at ease and actually for the first time really felt confident that I would pass my test. His experience is so vast that he just knew what I needed to work on and was so encouraging from the get go !
I keep using the word patience as he has bucket loads of it and no matter how good or bad the lessons went from day to day, I always looked forward to the next lesson so I could improve even more.
I took my driving test on the 02nd of February 2012 and I passed first time!! Could not believe it and its all down to Francis at Castletown driving school. Never in a million years could I have passed without his guidance and excellent teaching!!

Nicola Moran –¬†February 2012

I passed my driving test after taking tuition from Francis and I could not recommend the guidance I was provided with high enough. The lessons I received were clear and helpful, not only helping me to pass the charade of the Irish driving test with ease but more importantly instilling the skills it requires to be safe and excellent all round driver. His instruction was clear, helpful, consistent and importantly patient! He has excellent knowledge of all the test routes and won’t let you down as he is very organised, accommodating and competitively priced. Not only was his instruction top rate, he was pleasant and easy to get on with, we had some great laughs and I genuinely looked forward to each lesson!! A great guy and a top instructor, you’ll be in good hands with Francis!”
David – Celbridge, January 2012

10, 10, 10, 10, and 10 is what I would give you if I had to score you out of 10 for Teaching Skills, Friendliness, Making me feel at ease, Building my confidence and above all Patience!! I remember my first few lessons with you when I was so tense I was right up against the windscreen and I was grabbing that wheel so tight I’m surprised it did’nt break off!! And not to mention that little trip down the road to Tesco where I failed to see the oncoming traffic at those lights and almost crashed….do you remember??! But you were there to save the day because the kind person you are, making that extra little trip with me was no hassle to you. I thought I’d never be able to drive without that feeling of dread and fear but look at me now.. I’m able to drive and passed my test first time because of you! ( although I still am scared stiff but anyhow thats now up to me to get over! ) And apart from teaching me how to drive we had a lot of laughs along the way too! So I cant compare you to any other instructer as I never had any other but I don’t think I could have picked a better person and I will recommend you to anyone who is thinking about having lessons!

Rebecca Kearney –¬†December 2011

Thanks to the 4-5 driving lessons I took with Castletown school of motoring, I was able to go in with full confidence today (7-10-11) to my driving test. I passed it first time with 2 grade 2s. Francis is an excellent instructor. He is very calm and concise during a lesson. Not only that, he is very approachable and never made me feel under pressure while I was driving. As a college student, I do not have much free time but thanks to his flexibilty I was able to have lessons when I needed with clear indications to where I needed to improve.Overall I would highly recommend him as an instructor with a 5/5 rating.

Giacinto Francesco Rittgers –¬†7th Oct 2011

My name is Conor, I’m nineteen years old and from Celbridge. I began driving in January 2011 with Francis. The thought of driving on the open road for the first time was daunting but with Francis’ experience and expert guide I was soon very comfortable and competent driving on the major roads. He will quickly understand you as a driver and will target and focus on every single aspect of your driving until it is up to the required standard that will give you the best preparation possible to pass your driving test. In a short space of time he thought me to be a safe driver with good habits that I will keep for life, and with some further tuitions I learned the skills necessary to pass the driving test. He will tell you when you are ready to take your test and likewise when you are not ready, in an honest and professional manner.

Francis is a very friendly man and I always enjoyed his company. Francis is available to give a tuition at a time that suits you and offers a very affordable price, something that everyone looks for in these recessionary times. If I was to have to go through the process of preparing for my driving test again I would not hesitate to call up Francis. Thanks again Francis!

Conor –¬†2nd October 2011

Francis, Thank you so much for the expert tuition you provided! I’m delighted to have passed the driving testI’ve had other driving instructors and you were by far the most knowledgeable and patient and professional I’ve encountered.All the best with Castletown School of Motoring in the future.

Niall –¬†24 September 2011

Dear Francis,thank you so much for your help in passing my test,I am delighted!You taught me a lot in a very short time& I am certain that I would not have passed my test without your lessons. I will certainly recommend you. Best wishes.

Emer, Sallins –¬†15 September 2011

I am very pleased to say that I passed my driving test first time after taking lessons with Francis from Castletown School of Motoring. At first I was confused which driving school to contact but Francis` very competitive hourly prices were very attracting. From the beginning he was very patient, teaching me all the necessary manoeuvers and techniques for the test. Like everyone else I was very nervous about driving and the exam itself but Francis managed to build up my confidence and lead me on the path to success. Apart from patience and calmness, another great asset that he has is honesty. He is truthful regarding the progress and capabilities of the student, explaining every time whatever you did was right or wrong. Lastly, Francis` tuition cars are very easy and pleasant to drive as they are kept in excellent working condition at all times.

I would sincerely recommend Castletown School of Motoring to anyone who wants to pass his/her driving test for the first time. Thank you Francis for helping me to obtain my license.

Adrian –¬†September 2011

“I would like to say that Francis is an excellent, clear and precise instructor. I had failed my test four times, and within merely¬†four lessons, Francis showed me where i was going wrong and how to improve my driving, Less than two weeks later I passed my test!¬†Francis’ teaching is excellent, practical and easy to understand. His rates are very reasonable, and he offers a lesson for a full 60 minutes, not just 45.¬†this also ensures excellent value for money. I would certainly recommend Francis without hesitation, and I am sure that I would not have passed my test this time without him!”

Aoife –¬†September 2011

I passed my driving test with Francis from Castletown School of Motoring. My son told me he was really good (as he passed 1st time with C.S.M). He surely is. After the 5th time where some other driving schools failed, I had success with Francis. He so patient and really explains things so that you will do it without hesitation. He spots everything that needs to be corrected and never rushes you. I felt a miracle had happened to me when I passed my test. Thank you again for your help & your patience.

Laura –¬†August 2011

I passed my driving test 1st time with Castletown School of Motoring. From day one I used francis from C.S.M. He is a very good instructor and put me at ease on each lesson. He taught me all the manoeuvers for the test & also all techniques to park which comes in very handy as I work in town. All my friends were tellling horror story about the test, how many times they had taken to pass the test. Thank you to Francis for the hire of the car & tuition all the way to the test. Car is easy to drive & well looked after. Most importantly great value, if you need an instructor to learn how to drive or to go for the test I would highly recommend Francis.I can say that I have become a good & confident Driver.

Franck –¬†August 2011

I was very happy with the whole experience (not just because I passed my test in one go) because:

 Your car (both the Fiesta and especially the Mazda 2) is very pleasant and easy to drive.
 Your rates are the best I could find
 You instill confidence in your pupil, but also criticise openly and frankly when necessary.
 You explain the basics for driving and understanding the car very well and also explain why you have to do a certain thing at a certain time.
 You have an ocean of patience and you remain calm at all times, which I think is very important and ties in again with the confidence part.

Overall I think you are a very competent, very professional driving instructor and I would have no problem whatsoever recommending you to anyone who wants to learn to drive properly (and I’ve done so already).
I need to add of course that I relied on driving lessons only to pass my test, not having driven a car ever until 3 months ago.
Thank you again for helping me pass my driving test.

Franck –¬†August 2011

I passed my test with C.S.M.A small myracle,after 4 time.I wish I had Francis as a driver instructor to start with.I hads 2 different driver instructor before!!!…Francis is far away the best & great Value too .He built up my confidence with his positive tuition.He was spot on his maneuver & explain very carefully how to do it.Great technique for parking.If you have been disappointed with a instructor ask to Francis to help.I highly recommend Francis as a instructor what ever level of your driving.Once again Thank You very much & Bravo.

Alan, Naas –¬†March 2011

I would definitely recommend francis as a driving instructor he is very professional but i could communicate and felt very relaxed with him.i am driving a long time and passed my test on 20/10/ bravo to francis too for all his dedication and hard if you are thinking of doing driving lessons give francis a call. thank you once again francis . Fiona

Leixlip, October 2010

I passed my test on saturday Am.Thanks to the patince and excellent advice from Francis.He is very encouraging and positive in his teaching.I had 3 pre test lessons from Francis and passed my test with flying colours.If it was’nt for them 3 lessons and key advice i wouldnt have passed. I would 110% reccommend him. Thanks again fancis.¬†Tom

McGuirk, Celbridge –¬†October 2010

I found francis to be a brilliant teacher, very patient and tells you exactly were u are going wrong and he will try in every way to help you fix it, i had a few driving instructors before francis and none were up to the standard of francis, he was first class in my opinion and i would recommend him to anyone.

Nicola, Maynooth ‚Äď September 2010

Francis is an excellent drivng instructer he is very patient and has an excellent method of teaching. He does not rush you at all and tells you exactley where your going wrong and helps you fix it. I passed my test first time round absolutley delighted, francis built my confindence and made sure I knew I could pass my driving test before i went ahead.I would recommend Francis to anyone looking to get lessons or pre-tests. He is brilliant at his job, he has a huge pass rate and nobody around will beat him on price. yeah to the pink licence.

Lyndsey, Celbridge ‚Äď September 2010