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Turning Right & Left.

When you sit your driving test, it is really common that pupils fail because of lack of good practice turning right, left & at junctions. What the RSA are looking for is the following routine:
– When approaching a junction with a Stop Sign, you must look at Rear Mirror, Signal, look at Wing Mirror & Manoeuvre in good time. Known as (MSMM) routine. Regardless if it is clear to proceed or not, you must look right, left & right again before moving off.
– When approaching a Yield sign or a Yield line, you must use your MSM routine. Watch out for your position, slow down in good time & come down on appropriate gear. Then you will have to Look in the junction, Assess & Decide, Known as (MSM-PSG-LAD) routine, you do not have to Stop completely unless there is some oncoming traffic coming either from your Right or left.
– If you are at a junction where the roads are of equal importance, the traffic on your right has the right of way. You must let the traffic pass before moving off. It is important to understand that the right of way is an absolute right. You must procced with caution while slowing regard for other road users. If in doubt do not proceed.
– If you are turning right on a major road to a minor road, the oncoming traffic that are going straight or turning left have the right of way. You must wait for other road users to proceed.
– While turning on other direction, you must watch for pedestrians already crossing at the junction, pedestrian zebra or crossing, pelican crossing when the amber light is flashing.
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