Tyres Safety

A study show that some car users do not check their Tyres on regularly basis. As a Driver you must be aware of the legal requirement on the tread depth on your tyres is 1.6 mm. It is the legal requirement, however it is advisable to not go under 2 mm. Particularly as winter approaches & make roads situations more difficult. Pressure & tread detph should be check in a weekly routine with oil level, coolant, brake fluid & wind scream washer. Bear in mind that if tyre are not inflate on the right pressure, it will affect your breaking distance & your fuel consumption. Tyres are the only part of your vehicle that separate you from the road so it is critical that they are in roadworthy condition at all times. As a driver it is our responsabillity to have our tyres is roadworthy conditions to protect our family’s life & other roads users.
Over all, we must improve our behaviar & check our tyres more frequently & make sure that our vehicle is road worthy for the winter.
If you are not sure how to check your car on weekly basis to insure that your vehicle is roadworthy for your own safety & others road users, as an ADI I can help you to build up your confidence & help you to stay save on the road, for further help you can contact us on Mob 086 044 0157 or email francis@castletownsom.com.
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