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There are standards set by law about your vehicle safety & you must make sure than your vehicle complies with the law. As a driver when you will make use of your vehicle for the Diving Test & on the public road make sure than it is roadworthy:
Check steering, front & rear lamps, reflectors, rear view mirrors, safety bell, speedometer (ensure than there is also no lights on, or flashing lights on your dash board), tyres, windscreen wipers, horn & silencer are in good conditions for your test.
Windscreen must not be damaged, L plate front & rear, Motor tax, insurance disc up to date & NCT if vehicle is over 4 years old. Keep your windscreen wipers & wipers blade in good working conditions & keep your windscreen washer top up & insure that windscreen & window are clean & free of clutter to make sure than you can see the road & other road users clearly.
Tread depth: Do not allow your tyres to wear down too much. Most vehicles on public road must have a minimum of 1,6mm over the main treads. For motorcycle & vintage vehicles tread depth is 1mm. However make sure that you change them before they are worn. Check tyres pressure front, rear & spear: Follow manual of vehicle for recommended pressure & check regularly cuts, cracks & bulges as tyres could unexpected blows out.
Vehicles for the test must have the following lights & reflectors:
1) At the front 2 head lights,
2) 2 side white lights,
3) 2 indicators light (amber only):
4) At the back 2 red lights,
5) 2 break lights,
6) 2 red reflectors,
7) number plate lightning,
8) 2 indicators (amber only).
Remember it is a serious offence to drive an unsafe vehicle on a public road & will result to an automatic fail.
(PS): Make sure there is no smell of smoke in the car.
If you are not sure how to prepare your car for the test, Castletown School of Motoring will be able to help you. If your car is not fit for the test you can hire our vehicle for the test on booking only. However the driving test can be very challenging, as a professional driver instructor (Approved Driver Instructor) we can help you to improve your driving practice on the test route (the RSA are recommending to prepare your test with an ADI).
If you need some help for your driving test, you can email me for further details on
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