Castletown School of Motoring News Winter Time (Clocks go Back One Hour)

Winter Time (Clocks go Back One Hour)

On the 29 October 2016 the clocks going back, heralding darker evenings ahead. As drivers we must be aware of other road users such as motorcyclists, pedestrian or cyclists on the road. Motorcyclists, pedestrian or cyclists are reminded to be safe and be seen when using the public roads by wearing high visibility material, carrying a torch and ensuring bicycle lights are working properly. It is the most effective way to be seen when out on the roads.
Over the past 5 years, 6 peoples have been killed & 33 peoples have been seriously injured during the October Bank Holiday Weekend. A study from the RSA show that
– 58% of motorcyclists were wearing high visibility clothing & increase of 21% when compare to 2014
– 50% of cyclists were wearing high visibility clothing, an increase of 20% on 2014
– Wearing rates were more prevalent among private cyclists (54%) than cyclists using public bike schemes (33%)
There is still space for improvement. As drivers we must be also aware of children who may be walking or cycling to school, particularly during the winter months as children are our future & we must look after them.
With the Halloween coming on the Monday 31st of October, we must be even more vigilant especially in built up areas as children will go to trick or treating with dark clothing & great excitement. As a parent it is always nice to accompany your young children & encourage them to carry on a torch at all times. Accompanying adults are also advised to wear a high visibility vest.
As a parents, guardians & drivers we must improve the safety of children.
(PS): If you have not done you EDT lesson 12 (Night Driving Lesson) yet. Maybe it would be a good time to organise it.
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