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A Study of Cyclist with fatal injuries has recommended that Bicycle Helmets are worn to protect against head injuries in the event of a collisions, particularly at speed of less than 50 km/h. The study show that Bicycle helmets offer give an effective protection at a low speed less than 50 Km/h, but protectives capabilities are reduced as speed increases. As a road user you must be aware of Cyclists and to be extra vigilant as they very vulnerable, particularly in built-up areas, and as a cyclist for your own safety you should wear correct safety wearing, specially a Bicycle Helmet on public roads.

As a road user you should watch these particular situations:

  • At junctions, when stopping, turning right & especially turning left (watch your inside & left mirror before you do so)


    • Where cycle tracks merge with roads;
    • When you change lanes (check your mirrors promptly, glances safely before you do so);
  • When opening your door to get out of your vehicle (watch your mirrors & blind spot before you do so).


    • When reversing (check mirrors & blind spot when you do & stop if it is safe to do so).
    • In wet, windy weather or icy roads;
    • When over taking (always allow 1.5 meter as you are over taking, length & a half of a door).
    • Do not cut in after over taking (check your inside mirrors before you do so).
    • When cyclists are taking off, as they wobble until they build up their speed,
  • And when the road surface is poor, as Cyclists may swerve to avoid potholes.


As a cyclist make sure than your bikes is roadworthy & wear appropriate gear for your own safety.

As a driver if you are struggling with cyclist safety on public roads, maybe you should practice with an Approved Driver Instructor ADI to help you to become a safer driver.

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